Mrs Claus chipolata’s

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The Christmas classic! Full of festive flavour, laced with delightful cranberries, herbs and spices!


Pork content 64% breadcrumb, (wheatflour salt yeast) cranberries, salt, flavour enhancer, E621, onion, sugar, yeast extract, hydrolysed vegtable, protein, emulsifier, E451i, herb Leek, flavourings, preservatives, E221, antioxidant E301.


Nutritional Information


Allergen Free From
Cereals containing Gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridized strains) NO
Crustaceans and their derivatives YES
Eggs and its derivatives YES
Fish and their derivatives YES
Peanuts their oils and other derivatives YES
Soya and its derivatives NO
Milk and its derivatives YES
Nuts their oils and other derivatives YES
Celery and its derivatives YES
Mustard and its derivatives YES
Sesame Seeds their oils and other derivatives YES
Molluscs and their derivatives YES
Lupins and their derivatives YES
Sulphur Dioxide (and sulphites at levels >10mg/Kg or 10mg/l, expressed as SO2) NO


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Weight 1 kg


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